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In Memory of My Wife, Gail, Who is Sorely Missed.

Some may feel that this page is long overdue. To them I apologize.

To everyone; please share my appreciation of a wonderful woman.

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Gail shortly after graduating from law school in 1983
1983 Graduate
U of M
Law School

Intellect and beauty, a treasure I stumbled upon in 1984.

Gail and I were members of Fountain Street Church and attending a workshop called "Developing More Positive Relationships." I new I had to ask this beautiful woman to have a drink, she said yes. When I learned that she was an attorney I thought "I am not worthy, but I'll stay until she asks me to leave." She never did. When she was called to be with her father and sister in the choir of angels on July 4, 1998, I was holding her hand.

We were together for over 13 years, married for nearly 12 of them. We shared the trepidation and joy as her two daughters, Amy and Emily, found and married two wonderful men.

Paul and Victor are exemplary husbands and gave Gail and I five amazing grandchildren. Ben, Kelsey, Amelia, Victor, and Sidney were the center of 'grandma' Gail's universe.

Gail and I traveled to Scotland in 1995 where our Celtic souls were fanned to flame.

Handsome Gail
Adapted by Russell
from the poem "Handsome Nell" by Robert Burns

Once I lov'd a bonie lass,
Ay, and I love her still;
And whilst that virtue warms my breast,
I'll love my handsome Gail.

As bonie lasses I hae seen,
And mony full as braw;
But, for a modest gracefu' mein,
The like I never saw.

A bonie lass, I will confess,
Is pleasant to the e'e;
But, without some better qualities,
She's no a lass for me.

But Gail's looks are blythe and sweet,
And what is best of a',
Her reputation is complete,
And fair without a flaw.

She dresses aye sae clean and neat,
Both decent and genteel;
And then there's something in her gait
Gars ony dress look weel.

A gaudy dress and gentle air
May slightly touch the heart;
But it's innocence and modesty
That polishes the dart.

'Tis this in Gail pleases me,
'Tis this enchants my soul;
For absolutely in my breast
She reigns without control.
Oh Wee White Rose of Scotland
Susanne Ferguson - 1986

"Oh wee white rose of Scotland tell tae me
When wad ye rise and bloom wi fient a thorn
When wad ye rise up haill and straucht and free
Nae mair tae dwine forfochten and forlorn

Oh wad ye rise and scent the air again
Wi blossom blithe on branches noo abrede
Tae gar this land pit life in ye I'd spend
My warldis gear tae bring ye some remeid

Oh no this land's a kindly nurse tae me
It is the sky wi mirk is sair owercast
Thir days o dule they will only ended be
When fae a new airt blaws a fresher blast

When charity shall stand in Scotland's tongue
For leal and soothfu band wi aa that lives
When riches are nae mair the work o wrang
But shall requite the ane that freest gives

When Scotland's great are they wha kindest can
Lift ithers' loads tae gie their spirits room
Then wi a glad upspringin til the sun
The winds o aa the world I shall perfume"


By Ginny and Manny Feldman ©

"COMFORT EACH OTHER: Provide a refuge and sanctuary for each other from the chill winds of the world. Your marriage is a hearth, from whence comes the peace, harmony, and warmth of soul and spirit.

CARESS AS YOU WOULD BE CARESSED: Warm your loved one's body with your healing touch. Remember that as babies can die with lack of touching, so can marriages wither from lack of closeness.

BE A FRIEND AND PARTNER: Friendship can be a peaceful island, separate and apart, in a world of turmoil and strife. Reflect upon the tranquility of the many future years you can share with a true friend, and beware of becoming battling enemies under the same roof.

BE OPEN WITH EACH OTHER: Bind not yourselves in the secretness that causes suspicion and doubt. Trust and reveal yourselves to each other, even as the budding rose opens to reveal its fragrance and beauty.

LISTEN TO EACH OTHER: And hear not only words, but also the non-language of tone, mood and expression. Learn to listen to understand rather than listening to argue.

RESPECT EACH OTHER'S RIGHTS: Remember that each is a person of flesh and blood, entitled to his or her own choices and mistakes. Each owns himself, and has the right to equality.

ALLOW THE OTHER TO BE AN INDIVIDUAL: Seek not to create for each other a new mold that can only fit with much discomfort and pain. Accept the other as they are, as you would have yourself accepted.

GIVE EACH OTHER APPROVAL: Remember criticism divides, while compliments encourage confidence in the other. Hasten not to point out the other's mistakes, for each will soon discover his own.

CHERISH YOUR UNION: Let no one come between your togetherness, not child, not friend, nor worldly goods. Yet maintain enough separateness to allow each other his or her own unique oneness.

LOVE ONE ANOTHER: Love is your river of life-- your eternal source of recreating yourselves. Above all else -- LOVE ONE ANOTHER."

"Good-night, sweet prince(ss), and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!" ~ William Shakespeare, "Hamlet", Act 5 scene 2

M. Gail Middleton's gravestone

8 May 1942 - 4 July 1998

East Lansing

Formerly of Highland Park, Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids

Age 56, died Saturday, July 4, 1998, following a long illness. Beloved wife of Russell M. Middleton, daughter of Travilla (dec'd) & Marvel E. Daines, sister of Bonnie (dec'd), Judy (Daines) Crabb and Timothy D. Daines, mother of Amy Gail (Brown) Krolak and Emily S. (Brown) Hicks, grandmother of Benjamin, Kelsey Gail, and Amelia Krolak and Victor and Sydney Gail Hicks. The family will receive friends at the Estes-Leadley Greater Lansing Chapel, 325 W. Washtenaw Street, Lansing, MI on Tuesday, July 7, between the hours of 2 and 5 P.M. and 7 and 9 P.M. A memorial service will be held on Wednesday, July 8, at 11:30 A.M. at First Presbyterian Church, 211 North Chestnut Street, Lansing, MI.

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