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As sentient human beings we have a need to believe in and commit ourselves to something greater than ourselves. Our lives are incomplete until we find a quest, a purpose, a reason for being.

Some think the pursuit of fame, the accumulation of wealth and power answers this need, and lord knows we can distract ourselves nearly to infinity with enough money. But in the end fame, wealth and power do not free the soul, but rather burden it with a tremendous responsibility.

The history of western civilization offers many myths to answer our need, one of my favorites is the myth of the Grail Knight. Someone who swears an oath to a worthy cause and proceeds to live up to that oath.

Until our modern technological society either creates credible new myths or adapts them from the past, we will have a hole in our psyche leaving us vulnerable to being misled by every eloquent despot that comes down the pike.

The Accolade by Blair Leighton
The Accolade
by Edmund Blair Leighton
from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

[...but he is dressed as what he is! A GRAIL KNIGHT.]

KNIGHT: I knew you'd come, but my strength has left me.

INDY: Who are you?

KNIGHT: The last of three brothers who swore an oath to find the Grail and to guard it.

INDY: That was seven hundred years ago.

KNIGHT: A long time to wait.

[The GRAIL KNIGHT reaches forward and fingers Indy's clothing.]

KNIGHT: You're strangely dressed...for a knight.

INDY: I'm not exactly...a knight. What do you mean?

KNIGHT: I was chosen because I was the bravest and the most worthy. The honor was mine until another came to challenge me to single combat. I pass it to you who vanquished me.

[The GRAIL KNIGHT holds his sword out to INDY.]

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