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Stirling Newsletter No.2
Thursday - 18 Sep 03

09:00 - UOS

The International Students' Reception was in the Pathfoot Crush Hall. Pathfoot is the original academic building opened in 1967. I met up with Daniel from Germany, who was the greeter at Glasgow Airport, and Tom from Czech Republic, who I met on the bus from the airport. We made our way to the refreshment bar for a glass of wine then decided to split up and meet some other students. I met Marie from Colorado, another mature student. I also met two other Americans from California and Illinois. I then met a very interesting couple. They are both mature students as well, she is from Russia, he is a Greek Cypriot, they met in Siberia while he was on a business trip. They live in Cyprus and are now each doing an MBA here at Stirling.

After a few minutes Tom and Daniel showed up, we all introduced ourselves and chatted for a bit. Eventually Tom invited all of us to the Gannochy Sports Center, on campus, to watch the end of the Prague vs. Chelsea football (soccer) match. Someone bought a round of beer, Budweiser of all things, and we tried to chat over the din of the boisterous fans. Chelsea won the game so Tom was a wee bit disappointed on the walk back to the accommodation halls.

I've attended a number of seminars on the many kinds of support available to students here at Stirling. In a seminar given by the Stirling University Students Association SUSA I met Wendy, a returning student who lives in the city of Falkirk. Through Wendy I've met Lori, Michelle, and John who makes the commute from Glasgow every day.

Yesterday's weather was quit sunny, high around 68ºF, a very nice day by any standard.

17:30 - UOS

Today it has rained all day. Not hard just a steady drizzle.

Here are the subjects I'm reading this semester.
Academic History

Mr Russell M. Middleton    Reg. No.: 1221566
Qualification Aim: XG500 - B SC COMPUTING SCIENCE    
Adviser: Dr AG Hamilton       E.D.o.C.: 01-Jun-2007
Session Semester 
2003 - 04 AUTUMN
Unit Information
Computing Science
3141 - Computing Science - Advanced Skills & Applications
Stirling Credit: 1
3111 - Mathematics - Discrete Structures
Stirling Credit: 1
69S1 - History - Kingship & Nationhood:Scot c 1100-1513
Stirling Credit: 1


Friday - 19 Sep 03 - 16:30 - UOS

I had my first maths lecture this morning. I'm glad I'm sitting next to Wendy who is studying towards a maths degree.

My schedule has one conflict, one of the three computing lectures is at the same time as one of the two history lectures. According to both the Math and History Departments this is not supposed to happen. It seems that the University used a new software package to schedule the lecture times and there are a few bugs to work out. I believe my previous knowledge of computing will allow me to miss the one lecture a week without too much damage.

In one of my departmental meetings yesterday it was emphasized that university students were not only expected learn, but to produce original material adding to the worlds body of knowledge and understanding. I've at least 136 pages of history to read for next Tuesday's tutorial.

I've got an International Students Dinner to attend this evening. I'll talk to you soon.

Here are some more picture around the campus

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Gathering Stone & rugby goal This standing stone, now surrounded by rugby pitches, is called "The Gathering Stone." It is on the Airthrey Estate (The University of Stirling Campus) where Kenneth mac Alpin, King of Scots, defeated the Picts to begin the creation of a unified Scotland in 843 AD. To see what the standing stone looked like in January 2000 before the construction of the rugby pitches, click here.
Gathering Stone & Dumyat Dumyat Hill and Airthrey 'Castle' Bridge over Airthrey Loch Looking east Fall colors
Gathering Stone & Dumyat Dumyat & Airthrey Bridge over the loch Looking east Fall colours

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