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Stirling Newsletter No.3
Monday - 22 Sep 03

18:00 - UOS

I just attended the first full blown lectures in all my subjects. A little less personal interaction then I'm used to at LCC, but actually quit informative and even entertaining.

14:00 with Dr. Rachel A Norman explaining Geometric growth and its subtle difference from Exponential growth.

15:00 Prof Leslie S Smith introduced us to why most computers are part of a network today and the difference between LANs, MANs, WANs, and the internet.

16:00 Richard Oram M.A., PhD, FSA (Scot). began to illuminate our understanding of Scottish Medieval History with his lecturer entitled "King, Knight and Castle - the reigns of David I, Malcolm IV and William the Lion."

The first two lectures are in adjacent lecture halls in the Cottrell building, the last one, history, is in the Pathfoot building. See a campus map here (pdf format). If I get nothing else out of my time here I'll be fit from all the walking.

Oh, but I'm getting so much more from being here at the University of Stirling. To hear Scots rolling off so many tongues makes my ears smile. Not to mention the German, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, among others, and even the English students.

Every morning as I walk out of my accommodation in Geddes Court toward the center of campus, I see the Wallace Monument. That prominent Victorian tower which stands above the river Forth on Abbey Craig and catches the eye for miles around. A symbol of William Wallace's patriotism that has inspired Scots for nearly 700 years. I do so wish that you could come here and sense the foundation of history, culture and tradition upon which the modern nation called Scotland is built.

I think one of the most exciting things about Scotland is the juxtaposition of symbols from across the centuries. For example the Stirling University's Innovation Park exists literally in the shadow of the Wallace Monument. Medieval warrior to 21st century technology in a few hundred yards.

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Wallace Monument Airthrey & Hermitage Wood
Wallace Monument
Inovation Park
Hermitage Wood
Airthrey Castle

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