Russell M. Middleton - Upper Heyford Years - 1970-1973
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My Upper Heyford Years - 1970-1973


SUBJECT: Notification of PCS Relocation


8 Jul 70


  1. You were selected on _1 Jul 70_ for assignment to _320 Munitions Maint Sq, Upper Heyford United Kingdom_ on line number_09NL1080_ in CAFSC_U46250_, reporting during the month of _Sep_, TED is _15 Sep 70_ Training is/is not required in conjunction with this assignment. If training is required, early departure may be required. You will be contacted by this office immediately upon receipt. If you are not contacted by this office within 21 days after your primary interview, contact us for follow up action.
  2. Complete and sign the indorsement(sic) on reverse and report to CBPO-I&OP, 3rd floor, PRIDE Building on _21 Jul 70_at _1330_hours, for reassignment briefing.

  4. Tour length is _36_months with dependents, _____without dependents and _____months for all others.
  5. Your date of separation is _18 Aug 73_ and you must extend for _1_months or reenlist to accept this assignment. Attached 1411 must be completed and returned to this office NLT date indicated in para 2 of your intent to extend.
  6. Security clearance required for this assignment is_Secret_. You now have a_Secret_clearance and must obtain a_____clearance to qualify for this assignment.
  7. You are/are not required to take a physical examination for this assignment. Report to the physical examination center, Base Dispensary with attached statement to ascertain that you are physically qualified for this assignment. This action MUST BE COMPLETED WITHOUT DELAY and if possible, prior to your appointment at I&OP indicated in para 2.
  8. A passport will/will not be required for this assignment. If passport is required, you must immediately contact Personal Affairs to initiate a request for your passport.
  9. You will comply with the assignment above unless you have some humanitarian reason for not accepting this assignment, bring this letter to CBPO-ASGN immediately upon receipt.
  10. AFM 39-11 now has provision for retirement in lieu of PCS. They are as follows: Personnel who are eligible for retirement within six months after receipt of this letter may elect to retire in lieu of PCS. This election must be made NLT seven (7) days after receipt of this letter. This applies to all assignments except SEA. If you elect retirement, return this letter to CBPO-ASGN NLT_____.



JOHN J. DELANEY, SMSgt, USAF 2 Atchs a/s
NCOIC, Career Control Section

1 st Ind to Ltr, CBPO-ASGN, Notification of PCS Relocation

  1. Receipt on _20 Jul 1970_is acknowledged.
  2. I do/do not have a hardship that would preclude my being reassigned.
  3. I am/am not a partner to an interracial marriage. I do/do not desire special consideration which is available to members of interracial marriages.
  4. My address while on delay enroute will be:_1268 126th Ave. Shelbyville, Michigan__49344____ 616-792-2920_ (This info is used to cut orders. Please print so that we can read and include Zip Code and telephone number)
  5. I desire to depart this station or(sic) or about_15 Aug 1970_.
  6. I will/will not extend my enlistment for this assignment.

  8. I desire a port date of_1-9 Sep 1970_. ( If TED is 5th of the month, port call will be requested for the first nine (9) days of reporting month)
  9. My wife is/is not pregnant. Confinement date is_____.
  10. I do/do not desire concurrent travel (applicable to Sgt over four years service being assigned to an area where dependents can accompany sponsor).

My dependents are:

(if children have different
last name than sponsor,
indicate specific relationship.)

___[signed]_Russell M. Middleton____
Signature of Individual Being Reassigned

320 Mun Maint Sq
APO New York 09194

Dear Amn Middleton

I am pleased to learn of your impending assignment to this squadron. Let me assure you that you are indeed welcome, and I believe you can look forward to a pleasant and interesting tour with the 20th Tactical Fighter Wing and the 320th Munitions Maintenance Squadron here at RAF Upper Heyford, England.

I have assigned _Hazard, Duane E._ as your primary sponsor and _Pearcy, Robert B._ as your alternate sponsor. You should be hearing from your sponsor very soon. I am certain he will give you all the information and assistance he can.

Again let me welcome you to this squadron. If your sponsor is unable to answer all your questions or give you adequate assistance, please do not hesitate to communicate with me personally.


[signed] Galen E. Schwartz, Sgt

APO New York 09194

320 Mun Maint Sq
Box 1947
APO New York 09194

Dear Amn Middleton

Welcome to Upper Heyford, England and the 320th Munitions Maintenance Squadron. I have been appointed as your sponsor. I will try to assist you as much as possible, but if I overlook anything of interest to you please bring it to my attention in your reply.

The base is located approximately 15 miles north of Oxford and 60 miles west of London, with good train service to London from Bicester which is 6 miles from the base. We have the usual facilities here on base. The secondary roads here are narrow rough and crooked, however, the main roads are quite adequate. A small American or Foreign car is desirable.

As for the weather, it is very wet and cold here so bring a raincoat and plenty of warm clothing.

The Base Brochure is enclosed which should give you a good idea of what to expect.

Upon your arrival at Upper Heyford, I will meet you at Family Services Center, and will help you with in-processing and any other way I can in getting you settled.

If you desire any additional information, please do not hesitate to write and let me know.


[not signed]

Hazard, Duane E.

Below is the Base Brochure indicated above.
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booklet cover

20TFWP 190-1
NO. 190-1
APO NEW YORK 09194, 1 APRIL 1970
Information Activities
PURPOSE: This pamphlet provides information concerning RAF Upper Heyford, the 20th Tactical Fighter Wing and England in general. The information included is given to prepare personnel, being assigned to RAF Upper Heyford, to make their PCS move with the least amount of trouble possible by furnishing them information peculiar to RAF Upper Heyford prior to departure from their present duty station.


Welcome to the United Kingdom 1
Third Air Force Mission 1
Location 2
Newcomers Orientation Program 2
Preparing for your Journey 2
        Sponsorship Program 2
        Necessary Documents 3
        Immunizations 3
        Passports and Visas 3
Travel Policies Affecting You 3
        Dependent Travel 4
        Commercial Travel 4
When You Arrive 5
        Accompanied Air Travel 5
        Arriving by Ship 5
        Transportation 5
Shipping Your Belongings to your New Home 6
        Shipment of Effects 6
        Dressing for England 6
Family Housing 7
Bachelor Housing 9
Bills 10
Newspapers 10
Community Relations Advisor 10
Shipping Allowances 10
TV and Radio License 12
Pets 12
Firearms 12
Distribution: X


20TFWP 190-1
Your Car in England 13
        POV Shipping 13
        Automobiles 13
        Driving 15
        POV Tires 15
Services 16
        Medical Services 17
        Rationing 17
        RAF Upper Heyford/Croughton Base Nurseries 17
        Exchange Facilities (EES) 17
Your Money 18
        British Currency 19
        Uniform Service Savings Deposit Program 19
        Gold Flow 20
        American Express 20
Your Leisure Time 21
        Mail 21
        Holidays 21
        Adult Education 21
        Chapel 21
Recreation 22
Youth Activities 22
        Camp Mohawk 23
Base Library 23
Dependent Schools 23
Tenant Units 24
        Det. 1, 98 Strategic Wing (SAC) 24
        2130th Communications Squadron (AFCS) 24
        Dets. 0912 and 0906, USAF European Postal and Courier Region 24
        Det. 2, Atlantic Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Center (MAC) 25
        Det. 9, 7225th Support Squadron (USAFE) 25
        Det. 17, 28th Weather Squadron (MAC) 25
        Field Training Det. 916S (ATS) 26
        2168 Communications Squadron (AFCS) 26
        Auditor General 26
Local Area 27
        Upper Heyford 27
        Oxfordshire 27
        The City of Oxford 28
        Banbury 29
        Bicester 30
        Brackley 30
        Woodstock 31
        Some Surrounding Villages 31
        Early Closing Days and Shopping Hours: and Local Market Days 33
Good Neighbors Group 33
The RAF Upper Heyford/Croughton Anglo-American Committee 34
Speakers' Bureau 34


20TFWP 190-1



A sincere welcome awaits you at R.A.F. Upper Heyford, R.A.F. Croughton and in the United Kingdom. You are joining a long line of American Service personnel and families who have enjoyed very rewarding tours in England. The United States Government maintains forces here at the invitation of Her Majesty's Government and as a member of North Atlantic Treaty Organization. (N.A.T.O.). As a part of the United States Armed Forces you are a guest in this country and a representative of the American people. As such, a great deal of personal responsibility rests on your shoulders.

To receive the maximum enjoyment from your tour, I suggest that you take advantage of this opportunity to learn all you can about the people, to see Britain, and visit the many interesting places of historical importance.

This pamphlet is intended to help you adjust more rapidly to your new environment. I wish you and your family a most enjoyable tour of duty.

The Commander,
R.A.F. Upper Heyford


The United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) is part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (N.A.T.O.). Third Air Force is a subordinate unit of USAFE. It is a tactical and airlift force whose primary mission is insuring a constant state of combat readiness as a deterrent to aggression.

Third Air Force operates from its headquarters at South Ruislip Air Station in the London area.


20TFWP 190-1


Geographically R.A.F. Upper Heyford is located in the English Midlands. It is approximately 68 miles northwest of London, 35 miles south of Stratford-upon-Avon and approximately 15 miles north of the University City of Oxford.

R.A.F. Croughton is approximately eight miles from R.A.F. Upper Heyford. The main unit on the base is the 2130th Communications Squadron which provides a "Communications Gateway" to USAF, DOD and U.S. Government activities in the United Kingdom and Europe. A Defense Communications Agency (DCA) is also located on base. Its mission is to provide field representatives for the DCA, Washington, D.C. A detachment of the 2130th Communications Squadron operates a transmitter site at R.A.F. Barford St. John. This is approximately 12 miles from R.A.F. Croughton.


Within two weeks of your arrival, you will be required to attend a mandatory Newcomers Orientation Briefing which has been designed to give you the preliminary information you need to begin your tour of duty in England on the right foot. A varied program of informative presentations will be make to you in an effort to make things easier for you in the transition from your previous duty station to this one.

Your adult dependents should also attend the Newcomers Orientation Program with you, if you have been granted concurrent travel, or at the earliest possible date following their arrival. Participation by your adult dependents is encouraged because the circumstances surrounding our presence in a foreign country can be critical, not only to each of us as individuals, but also to our families, and to the United States image overseas.


Now that you have received your orders assigning you to England, you probably have a multitude of questions about your new assignment. The purpose of this brochure is to answer as many questions as it is possible to anticipate.

Sponsorship Program

If you have completed an AF Form 60 and mailed it to this CBPO (consolidated base personnel office), a sponsor from this base has already been appointed to assist you in making the move. Your sponsor has been selected from the section to which you will be assigned. Not only will he be able to assist you and your family in settling down but will provide you with information concerning your duties with the Wing.

One of the very important tasks that a sponsor is charged with is obtaining temporary living accommodations for personnel traveling to the United Kingdom with their families. During the summer, reservations should be secured well in advance of the arrival date and families are advised to insist that assigned sponsors make this a priority piece of business. A written confirmation will save you unnecessary headaches later.


20TFWP 190-1

Necessary Documents

You should make certain you have the following documents with you before you leave the United States: driver's license, certification of title for automobile, car insurance, birth certificate, marriage license, etc.

CAUTION: Have your present car insurance checked to determine if the coverage is adequate for the United Kingdom and if your company will issue insurance on automobiles in foreign countries. You should also insure that you file copies of income tax returns which are readily available if needed.


All military personnel, dependents, and civilian employees transported overseas by Armed Forces surface or air carriers are required to receive certain immunizations prior to departure from the United States.


To be continued.

Until then visit an excellent RAF UPPER HEYFORD site.

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